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Mobile Casinos Offering Roulette

Top Mobile Roulette Casinos

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The rapid development of mobile technologies in the past decade or so enabled various services and businesses to reach their customers directly on their phones and tablets. The online gambling industry and the casinos, in particular, are not an exception. Players have access to hundreds of quality games that scale perfectly on pretty much any phone or tablet.

As one of the most popular casino games, roulette is naturally available at almost every mobile casino on the market. The players embraced the opportunity to play at any given moment and the market responded by investing even more in the development of entertaining mobile products. This article is dedicated to the best casinos offering roulette and everything you need to know about them.

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What Kinds Of Roulette Games Are Available On Mobile?

The mobile roulette games are still behind the traditional online products in sheer numbers but are quickly catching up. Pretty much any popular variation of the game can be played on the go nowadays.

Thanks to the development of mobile technologies, the games are of the highest quality. They hardly differ from the one you can play on desktop. The user interface is simplified, so it works well on phones and tablets, but that’s it pretty much. The buttons are larger, but the bets and the gameplay is very similar.

European roulette

Play online roulette games on your mobile

This is probably the most wide-spread roulette game in the world and this applies to mobile as well. The rules have remained unchanged for decades or even more. There are 36 numbers and the zero. The house edge in European roulette is about 2.70% and you can pick between various types of bets. Almost every mobile casino on the market offers at least a couple of tables running with this set of rules.

American roulette

Gambling operators love American roulette because it includes another zero pocket, called the double zero or 00. It gives them an edge almost twice as big as the one in European roulette. This is the main reason you will see this variation heavily promoted and implemented to the mobile version of pretty much any casino on the market. We suggest you avoid American roulette, as it is probably the worst option in terms of long-term returns.

French roulette

This one is one of the best from the players’ perspective. On the surface, it looks the same as European roulette, as there is only one zero and the payouts for the different types of bets are the same. However, if you place a wager on any Even money market and the ball hits the zero, half of your stake is returned. This is why the French roulette is widely popular. Unfortunately, most mobile casinos prefer the previous two options. Still, some operators will offer you the chance to play French roulette on the go.

Live roulette

In the past couple of years, the games with live dealers are making their way to mobile gambling as well. Game developers such as Evolution Gaming are working hard to provide live streams optimized for a better performance on phones and tablets. As a result, you can find plenty of casinos offering at least a couple of tables with real croupiers. Most of the time, it will be European or American roulette.

Other variations

Software providers are trying to improve the experience by adding various gameplay mechanics such as a second ball, additional bets, multiple wheels, and so on. Some of the products were well received by the players and you can find them on mobile.

What Matters The Most When Picking A Mobile Casino For Roulette

Here are the main aspects that determine how good a mobile casino is for roulette:

License and reputation: you should stick to reliable operators with a proper gambling license;

Roulette games: the variety of roulette tables is important. It’s a good idea to find a casino with at least a couple of them and, ideally, some roulette games with live dealers;

Promotions: getting a few extra bucks is important and you shouldn’t miss such opportunities;

Payment options: both the variety of the payment providers and the speed matter. You want to have a choice between at least a couple of popular options and receive your money quickly. Of course, the casino must support payments through mobile devices as well;

Customer support: you should be able to contact the staff using your phone and tablet;

User interface: if you need more than a couple of taps to reach a certain section of the casino, it is not worth your time.

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Who Are the Best Software Developers?

A couple of gaming studios are head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to mobile roulette products. They provide games with exceptional quality, both visually and in terms of performance. If you have a semi-decent phone or tablet, you won’t encounter ugly graphics or endless loading times. Here’s a short list of the most reliable software providers:


The most popular developer in the online casino industry is also the most productive one when it comes to roulette games. Naturally, some of the best mobile roulette casinos are powered by Microgaming and provide an exceptional roulette experience on the move.


Another leading software provider that offers plenty of different roulette products. Once again, many of them are compatible with various phones and tablets. You can pick between plenty of mobile casinos with Playtech roulette games.

Evolution Gaming

When it comes to tables with live dealers, Evolution Gaming has a formidable reputation. Many of the top casinos offering roulette work with the studio and the quality of the games is unmatched. Fortunately, Evolution Gaming supports mobile devices as well. You can enjoy roulette tables with real croupiers in HD streams on your phone or tablet.

Mobile Responsive Website Or A Native App?

There are two main options if you want to play roulette on the go. The casinos provide either a native app for your device or a mobile responsive website. Let’s take a look at both options.

Playing Directly in the Browser of Your Device

Mobile responsive website or a native app to play on the go

Up to a couple of years ago, this was considered a bad choice because the quality of mobile responsive platforms was worse compared to native apps. The graphics didn’t always scale properly, the buttons were often too small and the loading time lasted forever. However, thanks to the improvement in technology and HTML 5, in particular, this is no longer the case. The best mobile casinos offering roulette adjust perfectly to your phone or tablet. The games look good and the user interface is seamless. On top of that, the performance is much better and the games load instantly.

As a result, more and more online casinos are picking this option for their mobile platform. The main advantage is that HTML 5 makes their site compatible with all kinds of modern phones and tablets such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. The support is much easier and the users don’t have to lose disk space by installing additional software.

Using A Native Mobile App

The mobile responsive sites might have closed the gap, but the native apps are still a bit better in terms of quality. After all, they are developed on a platform that is optimized perfectly for the particular device. If you’re an Android, iPhone, or iPad user, you could still find a decent number of casinos that make that extra effort and provide an application for your device. However, it will take some of your disk space. Fortunately, lots of top roulette mobile casinos on the market offer both options and you can pick the one that suits you best.

A Closer Look at the Different Devices on the Market

If you have a phone or tablet that was recently manufactured, you have a good chance to find a mobile casino that works really well on it. However, the different operating system does matter. In this section, we will give you an idea what to expect depending on your mobile device.

iOS Users Have the Biggest Choice

Different devices on the market to play roulette on the go

Apple is one of the leaders in the industry and iPhone or iPad users won’t have any issue finding a high-quality mobile casino to play roulette. All gambling operators make sure to create a version that works well with iOS devices, as it’s one of the largest segments of the market. You will find some of the best graphics and the speed of the mobile casinos is lightning fast. Unless you have a really outdated device, such as an iPhone 4 or the first generation of iPhone 5, you will enjoy an entertaining experience. Furthermore, the graphics on iPads are a piece of art. The last advantage of Apple phones or tablets is that you could often choose between a native app or a mobile responsive site that works perfectly.

It’s Not Much Different If You Have A Decent Android Device

The largest number of phones and tablets out there are using the Android operating system. Naturally, all casinos are trying hard to provide a working environment. The issue with Android devices is that they come in all shape and sizes. It might be a bit hard to create a version that works on most Android phones and tablets. This is the reason many casinos skip the native app for this type of devices and use HTML 5 to create a mobile responsive website. It is easier to support and the platform is performing well. Of course, this is not always the case with older devices. At the end of the day, most Android users will be able to find more than enough online casinos that offer entertaining roulette tables on the go.

Windows Phone Is Doing Alright

There aren’t many Windows Phone users if you compare them to the first two groups we discussed so far. However, HTML 5 comes to the rescue once again and many mobile casinos work well on Windows Phone. You will rarely find a native app, though, but that’s not the biggest deal in the world. A couple of years ago it was hard to play a decent roulette game on Windows Phone, but you should find some options today.

Blackberry Works As Well … Kind Of

If you chose a device that works with Blackberry OS, you might find it a bit difficult. There are no native apps for such phones and tablets. The good news is that most mobile responsive casino websites work decent enough on Blackberry, so you will find some options to play your favorite roulette on the go. The issue here is that most gambling operators don’ test, debug, and support their versions for this OS. As a result, you might experience various technical issues.

Promotions and Bonuses for Mobile Roulette Casinos Online

Since almost every operator out there has an at least semi-decent mobile version nowadays, the competition for customers is hard. One of the main benefits for the players are the many promotions offered by the operators in an attempt to attract more people. Unfortunately, roulette is one of the games that are not heavily promoted because of the low house edge. It is included in most of the offers but only a fraction of your bets will count. The good news is that all regular promotions like first deposit bonuses and loyalty programs are available on mobile as well. On top of that, you will often find some special promotions for mobile users only. Big brand like 888casinois good example for this.

The Future of Mobile Roulette Is Bright

Right now, it’s easy to find reliable mobile casinos online that offer enough roulette games and a solid overall service. Considering the number of people who prefer playing on the go and the rapid rise of technology, it should only get better in the near future.