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The emergence of modern online casinos has seen the transformation of the classic brick and mortar casino games to more fun and engaging online casino games. The roulette games are some of the games that have bred many new variants that are suited to the online casino and which appeal more to the digitally experienced punters.
Premier Roulette provides special features and extra elegance.

One such roulette variant is the engaging and thrilling premier roulette variation that is rapidly catching up in most of the online gambling site.

This article seeks to explain what premier roulette is, the special features and why you should play premier online roulette and not other roulette variants.

What Is Different about It?

Premier roulette is a fast-paced fun and social roulette variant that gives you the freedom to customise your gameplay to suit your style and preferences. The game operates in much the same way as the other roulette varieties such as European and American roulette but with a more personal touch to it.

In short, you do not only have the choice of the bets that you want to play, but you can customize the background and wheel color and game speed to your liking.

History of Premier Roulette Games

There is no exact date that we can point to the first premier roulette gaming session, but the premier roulette game has seen more than a decade’s worth of gameplay. The origin of the game is at a land-based casino in Atlantic City in the US. The game gained popularity, and soon it was being played in Las Vegas before finding its way online where many gamers prefer it over other varieties. Today, there are many top premier roulette online casinos that provide you with this exciting game variant.

Special Features

Premier roulette or the Diamond Edition as it is referred in some sites follow the same standard rules for roulette gaming. That is, placing a bet on a number, combination of numbers, on colour, odd or even and other bets then waiting for the ball to land on your bet so that you can win or landing elsewhere and making you a loser in that round. Premier roulette, however, presents you with a fun way of playing roulette due to the following special features:
Premier Roulette separates itself from other roulette games by offering players a whole load of bonus features.

Where Can You Play It?

Top Premier Roulette Casinos

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You can play premier roulette in many platforms including the traditional online roulette tables on your desktop, play mobile online Premier roulette or access it via a live dealer. In fact, a notable feature with premier roulette is the ability for players to chat with each other during gaming. As you wait for your bet to win or lose, you can catch up with old friends and new acquaintances in your quest to beat the roulette system since you are not betting against each other.

How to Find the Best Premier Roulette Casino

There are many online casinos that provide gamers with the premier roulette games. However, to be sure that you are playing in a legitimate site, it is best that you confirm the licensing and certification of the casino of your choice. You should also consider if there are bonuses that you can benefit from in that online casino.

The Best Online Roulette Experience

When you decide to have fun, it is best to go all the way and have the best fun gaming experience. One little downside is the inclusion of more colors to the table and the wheel, which eliminates the Red/black color betting options. Premier online roulette provides you with the chance to capitalize on your gaming experience with customizable features that suit your style and class.The superb gameplay and beautiful layout are among the reasons why you should play Premier online roulette.