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Play Roulette Pro Online and Win Massive Bets

Roulette games are increasingly gaining popularity among many punters in the online casino arena. This is partly because it is easy to learn the game since there are no complicated rules. Furthermore, the game is available in many varieties that are fun and entertaining to the gamers while providing you with extra cash on the winning bets.Roulette Pro gives you a huge opportunity for customization.

If you want to play roulette like an expert, you will feel at home playing the European roulette games. In this article, we look at Pro Roulette games, types, advantages of playing the games, special features and overall gameplay.

What Is Pro Roulette?

Roulette Pro is a variety of online casino roulette which allows you to bet on the standard European roulette tables but with the added thrill of customizable features. This includes great music and sound play, vivid graphics and many winning options among others.

What Are the Main Types?

Due to the popularity of playing roulette online, many software developers have been busy devising the best roulette games that will keep the existing players hooked to the game while attracting new gamers. As such, roulette pro can be found in many platforms and in major variants such as:

European Roulette Pro

With European Roulette Pro you can place many special bets.
This game variety comes with various features, rules, and graphics. To start with, the game follows the standard European roulette rules where you basically select your chips, place a bet or number of bets and get to win or lose when the wheel finally settles.

European roulette pro has special features such as the chance to enjoy fast play and auto play. This means that you can skip the slow ball spinning and jump straight to the game outcome. While this may take the thrill out of the high anticipation of the bet outcomes, it saves you time in the long run, and you can make many more spins/betting rounds through this feature. You can also use the auto spin feature instead of manually spinning the wheel after each round.

You also have more bets to place from the inclusion of the racetrack. In this way, you can place the standard bets such as the outside and even bets, colour bets, dozen bet, column bet, low/high bet, odd/even bet, straight bets, split, street, line and corner bets.

In addition to this, you can place the special bets such as the voisins de zero (neighbors of 0), tiers, Orphelins (orphans), jeu 0 (Zero game) and the neighbors call bets. This maximizes your odds of winning and you can stager your bets on as many of the above chips to get a win.

Premium Roulette Pro

Premium Roulette Pro uses a European style layout and offers many features.
This top pro roulette game variant follows the European roulette rules but differs slightly in terms of features and the bets that you can place.

To start with, you can customize the game to suit your preferences. This includes changing the color of the table to match your mood or class. You can also adjust the camera angle to present you with a zoom up of the ball or the wheel or chips. You can also utilize the automatic play features such as the auto spin, which automatically spins the wheel when you have placed your bets. You can opt to specify the number of rounds you want to play or to stop when you win.

You can also automatically double your previous bet, reverse a spin or repeat the bets you had previously placed (Re-bet option). You can spot your gaming history and make a conclusive decision on what strategies will work for you and how much you have spent on the previous rounds. There is no racetrack in this variant, and therefore the number of bets that you can place are slightly lower.

Mobile Roulette Pro, Live and Instant Play Variants

Different roulette pro games are available in most of the online casinos. The games are accessible on mobile play through downloadable apps from Google Play and iTunes and on instant play on the casino’s websites.

The games are also available in many live roulette casinos with reasonable table limits that are suited to all gamers. This gives you the chance to interact with other players as you play the roulette pro games.

Most of the online casinos also give you a chance to practise the pro roulette games for free before you can play for real money.

How to Play It like a Pro

There are many tested and tried strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning. Whether they work or not, largely depends on the implementer of the same although roulette remains mainly a game of chance. However, there are other factors to consider before deciding on the best pro roulette online casino for your initial gaming.
Consider some factors, before start playing for real money.

Do Not Be Fooled – It Is a Game for All Punters

Pro roulette provides you with simple and uncomplicated gameplay where you only need to follow very few rules while playing. The roulette variety is popular with all gamers whether experts or newbies and the table limits in most of the casinos are reasonable hence making it a game of choice for many players. Play roulette pro online and forget the frustration of complicated rules and limited winning options.